Coimbatore Diabetes Foundation

Course Co-ordinator
Prof.Dr.A.Sundaram, MD
Head of the Dept. Diabetology
Kipauk Medical College, Chennai
Course Director
Dr.V.Sekar - Chief Consultant Diabetologist
Coimbatore Diabetes Foundation
Course offered
Course1: Doctors Training in Clinical Diabetology.
Course 2: Diabetes Educator Certificate (ADA &CDF).
Course 3: Diabetes Specialist Nurse (ADA&CDF).
Course 4: DMLT (Diploma in Medical & Lab Technician)
This clinical diabetology course & training Programme is conducted by Coimbatore Diabetes Foundation (CDF) and endorsed by American Diabetes Association (ADA). The main objective of this program is to screen, detect, treat and educate diabetes at primary care level.
This course is not designed to provide Consultant Dialectologist status

Special feature of this course and training programmes:
Core curriculum is designed by American Diabetes Association & Coimbatore Diabetes Foundation with appropriate changes for Indian scenario
Modules, slides and other teaching materials are endorsed by ADA
Regular evaluation will be done by ADA
Course certificates will be issued by ADA

Academic Programmes - Course offered
Course1: Doctors Training in Clinical Diabetology
Professional training of clinical Diabetology 6 month’s course for doctors
Contact Hours - A. Clinical training: 90 Hours - Working Hours:  9AM to 5 PM
Eligibility - Minimum Qualification:  MBBS
Doctors who have registered with Medical Council or Medical Council of India only are eligible

Controlling Hypo Glycaemia

Initiating and adjusting Insulin Therapy in hospital setup

Managing Diabetic Emergencies

Insulin Pump

OutComes of Camp
11900 Persons Were Screened For Diabetes And Pre Diabetes By 22 Trained Doctors, In their Centers

Pre Diabetes 2163
Newly Diagnosed T2DM 41
Known DM 5265

  • In training their paramedical staffs
  • To setup labs with quality control
  • Help to conduct Pre diabetes, Diabetes and Cardio Metabolic Risk Awareness Camps
  • Update session once in three months